A group of twenty students and six teachers from II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Ks. Jana Twardowskiego in Dębica spent a week in Iceland getting to know other participants from the partner school Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík and planning the research work. After the introduction to the rules, participants’ obligations, legal regulations and activities of founds we went on a geological workshop. We visited The Bridge Between Continents, also known as „the Eurasian Bridge” or „Brú milli heimsálfa” in Icelandic. After presenting the issue of air pollution – its harmful effects on the environment and humans, we organised an integration meeting for all forty students from both schools.

Once the first ice was broken, we set off from Selið towards the Grensdalur valley for a 10-kilometre hike in the nearby mountains. During the hike, we measured the temperature of the ground close to the hot springs where we cooked eggs. Then we continued into the untouched valley and climbed up to a mountain ridge that separates Grensdalur from the neighbouring valley Reykjadalur. Having admired the views we bathed in the hot river that was our destination. During the integration meetings, students divided themselves into five project groups and after having decided upon their field of research, they programmed the microbit computers. There was also an introduction to scientific methods and the participants worked in groups to design their experiments. Also, there were some experiments conducted with the behaviour of dust, data collection and output. Finally, the groups presented their research plan in the festive hall. The workshop was concluded with a meeting of teachers about the organization and logistics of the project. The plans for upcoming online meetings were discussed and students started to plan their work

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